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The unique real estate for sale in Latvia, Cēsis district, in Līgatne.

The property is located in spectacular region of Vidzeme, area with wonderful landscapes, surrounded by the Gauja National Park. 2.7 km long gravel road stretches to the property. Although the complex of building is located near the road, the houses are hidden by the beautiful the trees' stand – birches and pines. The part of the property borders with the river Amata, whose bank line stretches 0.7 km lenghtwise and is easy to reach. Pretty often is seen the roes feeding in the meadows near the forest. The property is surrounded by the spruce-forest, abrupt hillsides overgrown by mixed woods, which are beautiful in all seasons. The property territory is fenced. The total area 57 hectares, where the most part is low land, therefore the land is easily employed in agriculture. There was a farm yielding potatoes, crops and canolas. There are amelioration ditches along the meadows that prevent the meadows from the floods in springtimes and rainstorms.

The complex of buildings consists of yellow-bricked eight houses that perfectly adapt in rural landscape. The swimming pool construction is being commenced.

the living house (779.6 sq.m.);
The planning of living house is created so that it would be convient both for family living and guest welcome. The living room is on the ground floor (52 sq.m.), kitchen, two rooms. As a special projection – wide pool space with windows (53 sq.m.), lounge, hothouse, fitness hall (86 sq.m.). There are solitary spaces for the store and laundry. There are six bedrooms with solitary toilet facilities, cabinet and library on the second floor.
For economic activities:
shed of farm machines with a workshop;
granary with cellar;
cattle-shed with overhang, cellar and shed;
garage (for six cars, two combines);
storage for mineral fertilizers;
storage for the fuel, petrol tank (diesel, petrol);
shed with overhang.


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